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Colorless, Transparent, Robust, and Fast Scratch-Self-Healing Elastomers via a Phase-Locked Dynamic Bonds Design


Yue Lai, Xiao Kuang, Ping Zhu, Miaoming Huang, Xia Dong,* and Dujin Wang

Adv. Mater. 2018, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201802556

Abstract:Robust self-healing thermoplastic elastomers are expected to have repeated healing capability, remarkable mechanical properties, transparency, and superior toughness. The phase-locked design in this work provides excellent tensile mechanical properties and efficient healability at a moderate temperature due to the dynamic disulfide bonds embedded in the hard segments and mainly being locked in the viscoelastic hard microphase region. The self-healing elastomers exhibit a maximum tensile stress of 25 MPa and a fracture strain of over 1600%, which are quite prominent compared to previous reports. The nanoscale domains of the elastomer are smaller than the wavelength of visible light by microphase separation control resulting in colorless, nearly 100% transparency, and are as good as quartz glasses. The high dynamics of the phase-locked disulfide bonds renders a high healing efficiency of scratches on the surface within 60 s at 70 °C. The rapid scratch healing and complete transparency recovery of the elastomers provide new avenues in the highly transparent surface or protective films which finds potential applications for precision optical lenses, flexible display screens, and automobile or aircraft lighting finishes.

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