Research Group of Prof. Xia Dong/Prof. Dujin Wang

—— polymer morphology and processing group


Group Members

The Prof. Wang's Group

Ying Zhao

Professional Preparation

1995 - 1998    Ph.D, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, 

Peking University 

1993 - 1995    M.S., Beijing Normal University 

1992 - 1996    B.S., Hunan University



2000 - up to now      Associate Professor, Institute of Chemistry, 

Chinese Academy of Sciences 

1998 -2000     Postdoctoral Fellow , Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Research Interests 

Polymer morphology and processing: PP fibers; Polymer Pipe Sciences 

Organic polymer/inorganic composite materials: mechanism and simulation of bio-mineralization; fiber-enforced inorganic materials; rare earth/macromolecular materials 

Biospectroscopy: Investigation of tumor tissues and blood glucose by vibrational spectroscopy


Publications and Awards

More than 20 publications and 10 filed patents.

Beijing Scientific Progress Award (1st Prize).

China Association for Instrumental Analysis Award (1st Prize) Scientific Progress Award of National Education Commission .

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