Research Group of Prof. Xia Dong/Prof. Dujin Wang

—— polymer morphology and processing group


Group Members

The Prof. Wang's Group

Shannong Zhu


M.S. Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

1961, Institute of Chemistry, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and retired since 1995

1983-1984, Guest Researcher, Polymer Eng. Dept.. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

1983-1987, Senior Researcher, Chinese Side, Joint research on Microstructure of of Polypropylene, a cooperation research program between Chinese and Japanese Government


The Analysis and Identification of Polymer Material, Acad. Press 1998

The Microstructure of Polymer, Acad. Press 1996

Published paper over 80 papers. Such as “13C NMR Chemical Shifts in Polypropylene and Biocatalytic Propagation Mechanism in Polymerization”; “Stereodefects in Polypropylene via 13C NMR Chemical Shifts” etc. Published a lot of papers relating polymer analysis by a various of spectroscopic instruments: MS, NMR, IR and Chromatography methods, etc.



“The Analysis and Identification of Polymer Material” Important Achievement Prize, Chinese Academy of Science , 1978

“Brighter Additives for Electric Plating” Science Technology Progress, 2nd Class Prize, Academy of Science, 3rd Class Prize, Ministry of Metallargy, 1988

Application Statistic Theory to Polymer Chain Conformation Analysis, Nature Science, 3rd Class Prize, Academy of Science, 1988

“Drilling Petroleum Technology Using Polymer for Higher Temperature”, National Natural Gas and Petroleum Company, 1st Prize, 1996

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