Research Group of Prof. Xia Dong/Prof. Dujin Wang

—— polymer morphology and processing group


Group Members

The Prof. Wang's Group

Chunbo Zhang

Professional Preparation

2007-2011  B.S., Polymer Materials and Engineering, Sichuan University.

2011-2016  Ph.D, Materials Science, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2016-2019.3 R&D Engineer, National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy.

2019.4-present, Post-Doc Fellow, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Research field

Crystallization behavior of network polymer materials


Representative publications

Chunbo Zhang, Guoming Liu*, Qianhong Jiang, Jian Yang, Ying Zhao*, Dujin Wang. A WAXS/SAXS study on the deformation behavior of β-nucleated propylene-ethylene random copolymer subjected to uniaxial stretching. RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 44610-44617.

Chunbo Zhang, Guoming Liu*, Yan Song, Ying Zhao*, Dujin Wang. Structural evolution of β-iPP during uniaxial stretching studied by in–situ WAXS and SAXS. Polymer, 2014, 55(26), 6915-6923.

Chunbo Zhang, Guoming Liu*, Qianhong Jiang, Ying Zhao*, Dujin Wang. Correlation between fracture toughness and β crystal fraction in a β-nucleated propylene-based propylene-ethylene random copolymer. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016, 133(5), 42930-42939.

Chunbo Zhang, Yi Ma*, Bo Feng, Zhihua Han, Zhicheng Zhang, Wenbin Liang, Ke Wang. Effects of Montmorillonite on Structures and Properties of Polypropylene. Journal of Applied Polymer Science,2019, 136, 47442-47449.

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