Research Group of Prof. Xia Dong/Prof. Dujin Wang

—— polymer morphology and processing group


Group Members

The Prof. Wang's Group

Xubing Fu


2013.9-2016.6 Ph.D., in materials science, Hefei University of Technology.

2016.7-2017.4 R & D Project Leader, Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd.

2017.9-up to now Post Doc, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Shanghai Genius Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

2018.5-up to now R&D director and deputy general manager of Ningbo Morsh Tech. Co., ltd.

In May 2019, he was selected as an innovative leading talent of "Shang Lin Ying Cai". So far, he has published 9 SCI papers, participated in the preparation of one monograph, and applied for 24 invention patents.



Research Field

Application research and product development of graphene in special engineering plastics, high performance fibers and functional coatings.


Selected Publications and Awards

  1. Xubing Fu, Xia Dong, Yan Liu, Xingke Zhao, Na Zhang, Shunxin Qi, Dujin Wang and Guisheng Yang, Combined graphene and poly (butylene terephthalate)-block-poly (tetramethylene glycol) enhance the mechanical performance of polyamide-6. European Polymer Journal 2019, 110, 97-106.
  2. Xubing Fu, Chenguang Yao and Guisheng Yang, Recent advances in graphen/polyamide 6 composites: a review. RSC Advances 2015, 5, 61688-61702.
  3. Xubing Fu, Xingke Zhao, Dongguang Yan, Dajiang Zhao, Jiao Li and Guisheng Yang, A facile route to prepare few-layer graphene/polyamide 6 nanocomposites by liquid reactive extrusion. RSC Advance 2015, 5, 77316-77323.
  4. Xubing Fu, Yan Liu, Xingke Zhao, Dajiang Zhao and Guisheng Yang, A commercial production route to prepare polymer-based nanocomposites by unmodified multilayer graphene. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2015, 132, 42742


The awards receivedduring doctorThe Nationalscholarship for Doctoral Students (2015-12)

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