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Doctoral dissertation defense in winter 2023


On November 23, 2023, 10am, Shao Jianming, a doctoral student from the Polymer Morphology and Processing Group, successfully completed his doctoral dissertation defense at Room 718, Building 6 of the Institute of Chemistry. The defense was chaired by Professor Li Zichen from Peking University, with Professor Qiao Jinliang from the Sinopec Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Senior Engineer Chen Yu from the Beijing Chemical Industry Group, Professor Xu Huaping from Tsinghua University, and Professor Guo Hongxia, Li Chuncheng, and Yang Mingshu from the Institute of Chemistry serving as defense committee members.

Shao Jianming comprehensively and systematically presented his research work on "Design and Performance Study of Metal-ligand Crosslinked Polyurethane Material." Subsequently, he responded accurately and clearly to the questions posed by the committee members, leading to enthusiastic discussions during the Q&A session. The committee members highly praised Shao Jianming's research work, acknowledging his innovations and contributions to this field.

After thorough discussions and anonymous voting, the defense committee unanimously approved Shao Jianming's doctoral dissertation defense and recommended granting him the doctoral degree. Following the conclusion of the defense, Shao Jianming expressed sincere gratitude to his Supervisor Prof. Xia Dong, Prof. Dujin Wang, the committee members, and his colleagues in the laboratory.


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