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2020 Thesis Defence


Xinran Liu, Guangyu Shi, and Yue Lai defended their doctoral dissertation on May 23rd, 2020 through online video conference. Prof. Charles C. Han from Shenzhen University, Prof. Mingshu Yang from Institute of Chemistry, Prof. Mingqiu Zhang from Sun Yat-sen University, Prof. Zhongming Li from Sichuan University, Prof. Zhongzhen Yu from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Prof. Tao Xie from Zhejiang University, and Prof. Yongfeng Meng from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry participated the defense as the defense committee members.
Xinran Liu, Guangyu Shi, and Yue Lai presented their thesis entitled as “Structure and Properties of Long Chain Polyamide 1012 under Different Temperatures”, “Segmental Relaxation, Nucleation and Solid-solid Crystal Transition Behavior of Polymers Confined in Anodic Aluminum Oxide Templates”, and “Structure and Properties of Stimuli-responsive Polyurethane Controlled by Dynamic Covalent Bonds” respectively to the committee. 




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