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Participation of the International Discussion Meeting on Polymer Crystallization IDMPC19


Invited by Prof. Alejandro J. Müller of the University of the Basque Country, Prof. Xia Dong and Dr. Guoming Liu participate in International Discussion Meeting on Polymer Crystallization from 20 to 23 Oct. 2019. Initiated by Prof. Gert Strobl, the meeting is organized every two years, covering the latest developments in the field of polymer crystallization. The conference has become a key international conference in the field. There were 100 participants, delivering 30 oral presentations and 70 posters.

The 2019 Conference was held in San Sebastien, Spain. Prof. Dong and Dr. Liu gave presentations entitled “The nature of memory effects in the crystallization of polyamides: The effects of Hydrogen Bonding” and “Confined of Polymers within 1D nanocylinders”, respectively.


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