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2019 Thesis Defense


Cui Su defended her doctoral dissertation on May 23rd, 2019. Prof. Charles C. Han from Shenzhen University, Prof. Erqiang Chen from Peking University, Prof. Shouke Yan from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Prof. Yongfeng Men from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Prof. Shichun Jiang from Tianjin University, Prof. Dongshan Zhou from Nanjing University and Prof. Mingshu Yang from Institute of Chemistry participated the defense as Thesis Committee members.

Cui presented her thesis entitled “Crystal orientation and crystallization kinetics of polymers confined in one-dimensional nanopores” to the committee. The committee spoke highly of the research work of Cui. In the subsequent Q&A section, the discussion between the committee and Cui was deep and intensive. Finally, the committee agreed that Cui passed the defense and will recommend to the University to award the Ph.D. degree.



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