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Weiwei Zhao wrapped up PhD


Weiwei Zhao from the polymer morphology and processing group successfully completed her doctoral dissertation on July 1st, 2017. Professor Zhichao Han from Shenzhen University, Professor Wenbin Hu from Nanjing University, Professor Erqiang Chen from Peking University, and Professor Jiang Zhao, Chenyang Liu from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in the dissertation as judges. 

Weiwei Zhao defended her thesis entitled “Crystallization behavior of poly(ethylene oxide) and polyethylene confined by silica surface and network” systematically and clearly. With rigorous attitude, the judges pointed out some shortcomings of the research and gave valuable suggestions further. Weiwei Zhao behaved well to deal with the questions from the judges. After the thesis defense, supervisors confirmed the achievements of the graduate and raised a hope towards her. Weiwei Zhao also sincerely gave thanks to them. 

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