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2017 Thesis Defense


Ping, Zhu, Lili Wang and Xiaolin Yi from the polymer morphology and processing group successfully completed their doctoral dissertation on May 22, 2017. Professor Xuming Xie from Tsinghua University, Zhongzhen Yu from Beijing University of Chemical Industry, Professor Xinhua Wan from Peking University, Professor Shouke Yan from Beijing University of Chemical Industry,and Professor Chuncheng Li, Mingshu Yang, Chenyang Liu from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in the dissertation as judges. Jian Yang and Qianhong Jiang also successfully completed their doctoral dissertation, and Yanxin Qi finished her master’s dissertation on May 23, 2017. Professor Xuming Xie,Zhongzhen Yu, and Professor Xiuqin Zhang from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and Professor Mingshu Yang, Jinyong Dong and Hongxia Guo from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in the dissertation as judges.

Six students reported their research work systematically and clearly. Ping Zhu’s research work focused on the long chain polyamide based polyether-b-amide copolymer: synthesis and structure-property relationship. Lili Wang studied the relationship between structures and properties of long chain polyamides and its alloys. Xiaolin Yi researched structure and property relationship of polyimide fiber reinforced phenolic resin high-performance composite. Jian Yang investigated the structure-property relationship of PHBV and PLLA/PHBV blends. Qianhong Jiang investigated the structural evolution of mesomorphic polypropylene under external field. Yanxin Qi studied correlation between structure and mechanical properties of polypropylene random copolymer modified by β-nucleating agent.

They enjoyed a warm disscussion at the process of thesis defense.The questions form the judges had depth and breadth, and the students behaved well. After the thesis defense, supervisors and graduates delivered their thoughts about the graduation. Supervisors appreciated the achievements of the graduates, and encouraged them not to live up to their expectations, to pursue greater success for the country, and make more contribution to the society in the future. Graduates expressed their sincerely thanks for supervisors’ abundantly instruction and dedication, and admiration to the supervisors for their knowledge, noble characters, and the positive enterprising spirits. Graduates also expressed their wishes to make effort to progress for repaying the deep gratitude. Jian Yang even recited a poem for her supervisor, Professor Dujin Wang, and made the atmosphere to a small climax. The poem was as follows:

The day in my heart

The day,

I came to you, fluttering,

timidly looking.

Your gentle eyes had my memory lighting,

when my father woke me up, pinching.

The day, 

you showed me all the wonders of the world, a fresh and bright morning.

The day,

I was lost on the way of researching, 

with those chemical curves and charts, burying.

I couldn't find a catalyst for a better society, serving.

Your determined eyes had my mind enlightening.

The day,

you showed me the power to warm the world, with full and new energizing.

The day,

I was ready to go abroad, worrying.

With your expectations and blessings,

"Fear not, home is turning around.

Regardless of the distance, not wandering, but flying."



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