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Evaluation Equipment for Fiber/Resin Composite Interface Properties HM410


Instrument model:Evaluation Equipment for Fiber/Resin Composite Interface Properties HM410

Main specification

Temperature range: RT to 400℃

Testing atmosphere: Air or Nitrogen Gas

Pulling-out device: Maximum pull-out load—500gF

Rate of measuring head movement—Adjustable by controller (0.000014~240mm/min)

Pull-out load outputs: RS232C output from load Cell/Digital indicator

Picture processing: CCD camera

Calculating shearing strength of interfacial surface: Software calculation

Liquid resin is applied to ultra-fine monofilaments at a random ambient temperature, its shape is then photographed and the contact angle is estimated based on the image obtained. At the same time, a pull-out test is conducted using the sample and the resulting pull-out load is used to calculate the shear strength of the fiber/resin interface.

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