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Discovery HR-2 Rheometer


The Discovery HR-2 is a kind of stress control rheometer invented by the TA instruments company. It combines a patented drag cup motor, a second generation magnetic bearing, force transducer technology (FRT), new patent pending dual-encoder and true position sensor(TPS)into a single-head rheometer. The DHR-2 rheometer also has color display and capacitive touch keypad making it easy to use this instrument. If possible, the DHR-2 can be equipped with some accessories, such as modular microscope accessory(MMA), optics plate accessory(OPA), small angle light scattering(SALS)and so on, which will help you greatly on your research.

Some of the technical specifications are as follows: 

Minimum torque oscillation (nN.m):2

Minimum torque steady shear (nN.m):10

Maximum torque (mN.m):200

Torque resolution (nN.m):0.1

Minimum frequency (Hz):1.0E-07

Maximum frequency (Hz):100

Minimum angular velocity1 [1](rad/s):0

Maximum angular velocity (rad/s):300

Displacement resolution (nrad):10

Step time, strain[2] (ms):15

Step time, rate[2] (ms):5

Maximum normal force (N):50

Normal force sensitivity (N):0.005

Normal force resolution (mN):0.5

1. Zero in controlled stress mode. Controlled rate mode depends on duration of point being measured and sampling time.

2. Results at 99% of commanded value.

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