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  • 01、Low-molecular weight aliphatic amides as nucleating agents for poly (L-lactic acid): conformation variation induced crystallization enhancement. Qian Xing, Xiuqin Zhang, Xia Dong, Guoming Liu, Dujin Wang*. Polymer, 2012, 53, 2306-2314.

  • 02、Comparison investigation of the effects of ionic surfactants on the crystallization behavior of calcium oxalate: from cationic to anionic surfactant. Xiaoxiao Wei, Jian Yang, Zhiyong Li, Yunlan Su*, Dujin Wang*. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2012, 401, 107-115.

  • 03、Binary n-alkane mixtures from total miscibility to phase separation in microcapsules: enrichment of shorter component in surface freezing and enhanced stability of rotator phases. Dongsheng Fu, Yufeng Liu, Xia Gao, Yunlan Su*, Guoming Liu, Dujin Wang*. Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 2012,116,3099-3105.

  • 04、Preferential distribution of clay layers in iPP/OMMT/PEOc ternary nanocomposites. Tongchen Sun, Xia Dong*, Fenghua Chen, Yong Zhou, Jun Luo, Dujin Wang, Charles C. Han*. Polymer , 2012, 53, 1054-1057.

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  • 06、Epitaxial crystallization of olefin block copolymers (OBCs) on uniaxially oriented isotactic polypropylene and high-density polyethylene films. Tao Wen, Yong Zhou, Guoming Liu, Fosong Wang, Dujin Wang*, Hongyu Chen, Kim Walton, Gary Marchand, Joachim Loos*. Polymer , 2012, 53(2), 529-535.

  • 07、Deformation-mediated superstructures and cavitation of poly (L-lactide): in-situ small-angle X-ray scattering study. Xiuqin Zhang, Konrad Schneider, Guoming Liu, Jianhong Chen, Karsten Brüning, Dujin Wang*, Manfred Stamm*. Polymer , 2012, 53, 648-656.

  • 08、Controlled mineralization of calcium carbonate on the surface of nonpolar organic fibres. Jian Yang, Yuhai Liu, Tao Wen, Xiaoxiao Wei, Zhiyong Li, Yuanli Cai*, Yunlan Su*, Dujin Wang*. Crystal Growth and Design , 2012, 12, 29-32.

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  • 10、Study on the thermal behaviors and the morphology in PVP and Nylon 6 blends. Chaowei Hao*, Ying Zhao*, Dujin Wang, Guoqiao Lai. Journal of Applied Polymer Science , 2012, 123, 375-381.

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  • 12、面向共享的高分子材料网络数据库的设计和实现。 刘玉峰,周勇,李丽娜,李志勇,陈静,贺昌城,徐怡庄,王笃金*。 化学通报,2012, 75(6), 572-576.

  • 13、“MC尼龙原位聚合成型”化学综合设计实验建设。贺昌城*, 董侠, 董炳祥, 王笃金。 高分子材料科学与工程, 2012,28,187-190.

  • 14、In-situ study of the structure and dynamics of thermo-responsive PNIPAAm grafted on a cotton fabric. Hengrui Yang, A. Catarina C. Esteves, Haijin Zhu,* Dujin Wang, and John H. Xin*. Polymer, 2012, 53, 3577-3586.

  • 15、介观相分离对烯烃嵌段共聚物结晶动力学的影响。刘国明,张秀芹*,关瑜,文韬,王笃金。 高分子学报, 2012, 12, 1434-1440.

  • 16、Large-area crack-free single-crystal photonic crystals via combined effects of polymerization-assisted assembly and flexible substrate, Jinming Zhou, Jingxia Wang*, Yu Huang, Guoming Liu, Libin Wang, Shuoran Chen, Xiuhong Li, Dujin Wang, Yanlin Song*, and Lei Jiang. NPG Asia Materials, 2012, 4, 1-7.

  • 17、Shear Induced Phase Boundary Shift in the Critical and Off-critical Regions for a Polybutadiene/Polyisoprene Blend. Fasheng Zou, Xia Dong*, Wei Liu, Jian Yang, Demiao Lin, Aimin Liang, Wei Li, and Charles C. Han*. Macromolecules , 2012, 45, 1692-1700.

  • 18、Reversible lamellar thickening induced by crystal transition in poly (butylene succinate). Guoming Liu, Liuchun Zheng, Xiuqin Zhang, Chuncheng Li, Shichun Jiang, and Dujin Wang*. Macromolecules , 2012, 45, 5487-5493.

  • 19、Epitaxy induced crystallization of olefin block copolymers. Tao Wen, Guoming Liu, Yong Zhou, Xiuqin Zhang, Fosong Wang, Hongyu Chen, Joachim Loos*, Dujin Wang*. Macromolecules , 2012, 45(15), 5979-5985.

  • 20、Morphological and Rheological Responses to the Transient and Steady Shear Flow for A Phase-separated Polybutadiene/Polyisoprene Blend. Fasheng Zou, Xia Dong,* Demiao Lin, Wei Liu, Dujin Wang, and Charles C. Han*. Polymer, 2012, 53, 4818-4826.

  • 21、Coordination between yttrium ions and amide groups of polyamide 6 and the crystalline behavior of polyamide 6/yttrium composites. Journal of Molecular Structure. Shaoxuan Liu, Chengfeng Zhang, Yuhai Liu, Ying Zhao, Yizhuang Xu*, Yukihiro Ozaki, Jinguang Wu. Journal of Molecular Structure, 2012, 1021, 63-69.

  • 22、The influence of changing the sequence of concentration series on the 2D asynchronous spectroscopy generated by the asynchronous orthogonal sample design (AOSD) approach. Xiaopei Li, Shaoxuan Liu, Jing Chen, Shijuan Yue, Cuige Liu, Yongju Wei, Kun Huang, Ying Zhao, Yizhuang Xu*, Isao Noda, Jinguang Wu. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2012, 60, 212-216.

  • 23、高速发展的中国化学(1982-2012):聚合物加工与成型,何嘉松,王笃金,刘琛阳。 科学出版社,2012,第44章。

  • 24、N-烷基化聚对苯二甲酰对苯二胺梳状高分子中烷基侧链对刚性主链堆积行为的影响。孔磊,赵莹*,石海峰,王笃金。 高等学校化学学报, 2012, 33(7), 1595-1599.

  • 25、生物降解高分子材料聚丁二酸丁二醇酯的改性研究进展。罗发亮,罗春桃,袁炜,李荣波,张秀芹,王笃金*。 高分子通报, 2012, (8), 6-12.

  • 26、N-十六烷基聚对苯二甲酰对苯二胺的红外光谱研究。孔磊,李荣波,赵莹*,石海峰,王笃金,徐端夫,吴瑾光。 光谱学与光谱分析, 2012, 32(10), 2647-2650.

  • 27、N-十六烷基聚己内酰胺的红外光谱研究。孔磊,赵莹*,石海峰,王笃金,徐端夫,吴瑾光。 光谱学与光谱分析, 2012, 32(10), 2656-2660.

  • 28、等规聚丙烯在γ射线辐照下的链结构和结晶行为。周丽娟,张秀芹,李荣波,苏允兰,赵莹,王笃金*,徐端夫 。高等学校化学学报 , 2012, 33(3), 1-7.

  • 29、不同链结构的双酚A聚碳酸酯对脂肪族聚碳酸酯结晶行为影响。宁炜,刘琛阳,朱文祥,李春成,王笃金*。 高分子学报, 2012, (4), 469-474.

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